We only carry the highest quality of vapor pens and modifications from all around the world, meeting your needs. 


Our Juice is all American-Made and bottled here in Southern California, with a perfect vg and pg mix, you can trust our quality and attention to detail in our flavors 

Started as a hookah lounge in Huntington Beach, mastering the best mixes with tobacco for hookahs, and implementing the same into our juices, high quality juice at an affordable price. 

E-Juice and  E-Cigarettes are a good but not perfect alternative to smoking and avoiding nicotine. Although there are far less chemicals and addictive substances in our juice, its still not as healthy as not smoking anything.

A New Generation of Smoking

Our All-American made products 

We stand by the quality of our products, passing on to you only the best taste tested juices around. 

Mirage Vapes and Premium E-Juice 

A Cleaner, healthier way to smoking 

So far, in our eyes here at Mirage, this is the best alternative to smoking yet. Its cleaner, doesn't harm your peers around you, and doesn't leave you with a gross tobacco smell. Enjoy our premium E-Juice and see for yourself what a great alternative to smoking this really is 

Vapor Pens

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Welcome to our webpage. We offer retail and wholesale e-juice, contact us for pricing and shipping details. Or order here on our site. Enjoy. 

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